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I’ve been an apprenticing tattoo artist at Fruit Camp Tattoo since July 2022. 

I’m so excited to announce that I’m opening up my books for discounted apprentice tattoos!


What I do

I work in a bold and illustrative style with strong lines and black fill shading. 

Some common themes of my work include hot kinky babes, abstracted squiggles and text, freaky queers, fruit with faces, and cute creatures! As someone with 8+ years experience in the sex industry, I also create designs specifically for fellow SW to celebrate who they are and reject stigma. I am fully comfortable (and excited) to do designs with NSFW/adult themes!


I see tattoo as a sacred gift shared between the artist and the person being tattooed. I am grateful for anyone who wants to allow me to permanently mark their skin, and sit thru the intentional pain of that change. I want my practice to be a powerful tool towards self acceptance and dissolving shame.


My available flash will be posted below. I am also booking freehand abstract/tangle designs as well as custom designs.

**Please keep in mind that the designs I create specifically depicting Sex Workers will only be available to those with experience in the industry** 


Apprentice Transparency

I will not be creating designs for tattoos that I feel are outside my comfort zone as a beginner. Your consent to my level of experience is important to me. I will be offering touch ups for free once the tattoo has healed. At this time I am not offering color tattoos to the general public. 



I will be charging discounted apprentice rates as I work to improve my skills! For me that means a $75/hr rate. There will be sliding scale options for BIPOC and SW. I will ask for a ✨non-refundable deposit✨ of $30 in order to secure the booking. (If you need to reschedule the deposit will transfer to the rescheduled session). Tips are optional but welcome! I also love to do trades or receive tips in the form of bartering. 


Covid Precautions

I will be following Fruit Camp’s Covid Guidelines for all of my sessions. Please take the time to read this thru before showing up to our session. I strongly encourage all my clients to take at least a rapid antigen test before coming into the studio. I live in close proximity to folks who are immune compromised, and showing up for them by being Covid cautious is non-negotiable for me. 


For further information about Fruit Camp and accessibility please see their site below

Available Flash

Let’s Schedule a Tattoo!
What days of the week are you most likely available?

Thanks! I will be in touch soon :-)

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