squiggles and sluts

is a queer and trans multi-media artist and sex worker. They use they/them pronouns.

They grew up in Occupied Sandia Pueblo Territory (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and relocated to Occupied Piscataway Territory (Baltimore, Maryland) in 2015 where they currently work and live. 

Much of their work draws from their experiences in the sex industry as a trans person who has to change their identity for work. They have been a sex worker in many different areas of the industry for around seven years. They document the experiences of themselves and their coworkers through illustration, animation, 3D, photomanipulation, performance, sculpture, video and photography. They create depictions of queer intimacy, kink and sex as a healing force. They celebrate that queer sex workers have always shared an intimacy with each other that is tender and beautiful. Their work aims to destigmatize sexualized work, reject shame, and celebrate life and sexuality.


Their abstract paintings are less representative and more energetic. In these paintings they explore shape and intuition. These pieces originated from their fascination with the color pink, but have grown to express a multitude of moods and color schemes. With these colors they express the limitlessness to their own masculinity and femininity. they strive to embody overall gender fuckery and queer flamboyance. 


Squiggles and Sluts artworks and performances have been exhibited on numerous platforms both virtual and in person. They coined the name Squiggles and Sluts in 2018 (previously going by the alias they.girl). They have enjoyed participating in virtual art shows, zines, anthologies, fundraisers, vending events, gallery exhibitions and more. In addition to creating and displaying their work, they run an online store and have been a freelance illustrator since 2018. 


Squiggles and Sluts works have appeared in: 


Sacred Spaces - 1415 Gallery - ABQ November 2018


Tales From the Strypt - Stripper run performance and zine release-

Sidebar - Baltimore April 2019


sur/reality Trans Art Show - Baltimore City Hall - Baltimore June 2019

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers Art Show - 2640 Space- Baltimore December 2019


E-Viction - Virtual Collaboration - August 2020


International Whores Day Zine - MoMA - September 2020


Illustrator for the Tryst Blog since August 2020


Body of Workers Artist - Digital - January 2021


Celestial Bodies - Fatale Collective- Virtual Performance- June 2021


Vendor at Adults Only

Sex Worker Only Event by Venus Cuffs- NYC July 2021

SWOP Brooklyn Monthly Patreon Artist Feature December 2021

Baltimore & DC Dyke Night Vendor - DC9 - January 2022


Working It Anthology - Stroll PDX - Release Date 2022