squiggles and sluts

is a name I use to keep my identity anonymous. I am a queer and trans multi-media artist and sex worker. I use they/them pronouns.

I grew up in Occupied Sandia Pueblo Territory (Albuquerque, New Mexico) and relocated to Occupied Piscataway Territory (Baltimore, Maryland) in 2015 where I currently work and live. 


The work I make falls into two major categories: squiggles and sluts.



The squiggles are my abstract paintings and designs, where the content is less representative and more energetic. In these paintings I explore shape and intuition. These pieces originated from my fascination with the color pink, but have grown to express a multitude of moods and color schemes. With these colors I express the limitlessness to my own masculinity and femininity. I strive to embody overall gender fuckery and queer flamboyance, even in my abstractions. I choose to indulge in colors that have been historically gendered or thought of as "too loud" or "too much". Even in the application of the paint, I choose to take up space when it feels right. 


Under the Slut category are my pieces that describe queer and sex worker experiences. These come from my life in the sex industry as a trans person who has to change their identity for work. I have been a sex worker in many different areas of the industry for around six years. I document the experiences of myself and my coworkers through illustration, animation, 3D, photomanipulation, performance, sculpture, video and photography. I create depictions of queer intimacy, kink and sex as a healing force. Queer sex workers have always shared an intimacy with each other that is tender and beautiful. I want to celebrate that. My work seeks to destigmatize the work that we do and the people that we are.